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“As a non-native English speaker, I should edit my writing carefully.
I use many apps to do so. Writefull spots mistakes others do not. Incredible.”
Andrea Beltran-Lizarazo / PhD student in Sociology at Boston University

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How do I sign up for the Free plan?
Simply download any of the Writefull apps and create an account. This gives you the Free plan by default.
How do I sign up for the Premium plan?
Choose one of the three plans above, and enter your email address and payment details. If you already have a Free account, please enter the email address you used to sign up. After the payment you will be set.
What does ‘Unlimited’ mean in the table comparing the Free and Premium plans?
The Premium plan gives you unlimited access to Writefull’s feedback and search features. It shows you all of Writefull’s language suggestions in Word and Overleaf - whereas the Free plan gives you a subset of these. In the Word add-in, the Premium plan shows you all Language Search results when you look for example sentences, words in context, or synonyms in context. With the free plan, you get a limited number of search results. If you want a full text revision and complete writing support, we advise you to choose the Premium plan..
How do you process my payment? Is it safe?
We process payments using Gumroad. All payment information is tokenized and encrypted in a PCI-compliant ecosystem. Gumroad is trusted and safe.
Do you have a student discount?
We will. Students will have a 30% discount over the original price once the launch offer has expired.
Why does Gumroad (and not Writefull) appear on my bank statement?
This is a Gumroad limitation. As part of their payment provider duties, Gumroad must collect taxes and be VATMOSS compliant (for EU citizens). This means they must be the ones appearing on the bank statement.
Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, we do. Contact us here with the number of accounts you would like to create and we'll get back to you.
Can I cancel my membership?
Of course. Just log in here and you'll be able to cancel.
I still have some questions. How can I contact you?
You can get in touch anytime using the chat on the website, or by writing us an email.

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