Writefull data processors

Writefull may engage the entities listed below to assist it in connection with its products and services, including to provide hosting and infrastructure services and customer and technical support and which may therefore involve the processing of personal data. Where you are an institution or organisation, and we are processing that personal data as your “processor” (as defined in GDPR), such entities will be considered “subprocessors”.

List of Writefull Data Processors

Writefull is part of Digital Science. As such, various Digital Science group companies may also be involved in connection with the development and delivery of Writefull products and services, including as customer contracting entities and service providers, namely: Digital Science UK Ltd (UK), Digital Science & Research Solutions Ltd (UK), Digital Science & Research SRL (Romania), DS Digital Science GmbH (Germany), Digital Science & Research Solutions Inc (US), Writefull BV (NL).

Please refer to our Privacy Policy or the data processing terms we have agreed with you, as applicable, for further information. Not all service providers will be used for every user.

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Date: April 2024